We want to inform you about the course “With pantomime to more self-knowledge” that will be held in Berlin.

Pantomime as a wordless art is particularly suitable for the representation of issues that leave those affected speechless or unheard of. This course offers opportunities to mimicly and artistically express feelings of loss, grief or a (Cancer) illness to others and share it within a protected framework. You will learn basic movement techniques of pantomime in order to gain a new approach to one’s own body and find its individual possibilities of expression. The performance artist Hendrik Quast will be leading the workshop, setting the focus on presentation, (self-) staging and humor. They are looking for participants with visible or invisible disabilities, chronically ill and those interested in pantomime are also very welcome. Previous knowledge is not required.

The deadline to register is the 25.08. For more information, check out the course details or the application form.