All good things come to an end. The last cohort of our Fellowship-programme is reaching its finale with the project presentations of our five Fellows.
First to present the finalisation of their projects will be

Luka Popadic – 8k to HD
26. May 2021 – 17:30 – Kino Toni
While the resolutions with which we can record are constantly growing (HD, UHD, 8k), our eyes can no longer process them at all. Does this difference give us the opportunity for creative space and the expansion of film language? We are pleased to present the results of our research and hope for a productive discussion of our findings.
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Magda Drozd | Sound Volumes: 18 Floors
22. June 2021 – 18:00 – Zoom
The project “Sound Volumes” explores how sound contributes to a knowledge we have about buildings and the ecology of living together. “18 Floors” is the music album that emerged from this work and which will be presented together with an audio paper in a zoom session.

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