On Sptember 15th 2021 Marisa Godoy has successfully defended her doctoral thesis ‘Generating co-presence: dancers’ ways of knowing and discoveries in improvisation choreography’ and thus completed her PhD at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University (UK), realised under the supervision of Professor of Dance Scott deLahunta and Assistant Professor Karen Wood. Marisa’s research was part of the SNF-funded project ‘Research Video: Annotated video as a new standard of publishing practice-based and artistic research’ of the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film (IPF), led by Dr Gunter Lösel. Marisa is presently one of the mentors in the PEERS programme at IPF, and will be teaching her practice ‘Radical_Connector’ at the Theatre Department at ZHdK in Spring 2022 once more, a practice in which aspects of her research on improvisation can be experienced.

We want to congratulate Marisa on her success and are happy to have her as a mentor in the PEERS Programm.