08. – 09. July 2022 – Birkbeck College, University of London

Anouk will be part of the London Conference in Critical Though within the panel ‘The Undercommons: Wilderness and Alternative Strategies ‘ as part of the Art Practice and Critical Pedagogy stream.
The title of their input is ‘Relaying Lures: Language in Artistic Research,’ where they propose to give a performance lecture that puts forward an exploration of words and ways that do not register in typical parameters of language and experience. This performance lecture aims to explore the difference between the lure of gifting a name and the possible reduction or violence by this very capture. How to think with both the necessity of articulating in the sense of relaying or setting out a lure for thought-thinking while not letting those fall back into a reduction of experience? How to craft conditions for the qualities of variation in the world to be felt, tending and tuning to those differences that do not register in typical parameters of what counts, of what is counted?

For more information on the conference, check out their website.